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Jewelery by Jlkl Jewelery :iconjlkl:Jlkl 0 0 Laugh by Jlkl Laugh :iconjlkl:Jlkl 0 0 Legs by Jlkl Legs :iconjlkl:Jlkl 1 0 John by Jlkl John :iconjlkl:Jlkl 1 0 Laura by Jlkl Laura :iconjlkl:Jlkl 0 0 The Orgasm by Jlkl The Orgasm :iconjlkl:Jlkl 0 0
That wooden bench
From my kitchen window i see
this wooden bench
this wooden bench
sleeps with a bottle of rhum and a plastic cover
this wooden bench
sits on its latex coat smoking a cigaret damaging its purple lashes.
this wooden bench
licks icecream from 9 to 12 wearing pleated skirts
this wooden bench
cries rocking on mum's lap
this wooden bench
sulks with his friend complaining about how old they are and how bad youth is.
this wooden bench
slowly winks, until
it dies
:iconjlkl:Jlkl 0 0
Little girl in the black mirro
Little girl in the black mirror:
She's alone and bored
pretty yet pale
smiling, yet sad
She's bored, so bored
the tempreture is rising
its hot, oh so hot
the sweat on her face is dripping
the door bell rings
she slips in her high heeled vintage chanel
she hides with her ball room dress
she runs for the door
On the way her pearl necklace smashes, pearls all over.
She gets even hotter
Its starts to rain; she's crawling for her pearls
The wind bangs the hot windows
The door, she had forgotten, rings again,
she runs for it, opens in a rush to see
a desperate mirror, who's there
wet and crying
she looks at him and see's deeper than
she thought
The uglyness of her soul,
she tried to hide to herself who she was,
pearls and jewels won't do the trick.
So as soon as she sees her true self,
she melts leaving just pieces of tissue
and broken cristals on the ground as millions of stars falling
from the sky
:iconjlkl:Jlkl 1 1
Dress for paris. by Jlkl Dress for paris. :iconjlkl:Jlkl 1 2
Jade's Hands
Long and skinny just like herself
Her hands always know where to go
What they want.
What to do.
Often on her thighs to please photographers.
On lucky days covered in diamonds and ruby's to glamour magazine covers
They always have the perfect timing:
To pass through her hair
Move them when she talks
Lay them on my shoulder after a good laugh.
Her hands are smooth and gentle.
Strong and confidant
Annoyingly perfect, but happily sweet.
Near her wrist a small scar
One of the many she has
From when all the jealous girls
In her public school
Pushed her down the stairs
A scar of anger yet,
Like a will to become stronger and bigger.
A scar nearly proud to be shown
Proud to show that it's a hard job
Nails of perfect manicure
Unrealistically nearly fake
So fake, its wrong, it's too worked on, unnatural.
Always dangling from her wrists, many bright bracelets
Always there to show her real self, the young teenage girl she is
And always gone when it comes to pretending, pretending to be a real woman
:iconjlkl:Jlkl 0 0
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The smile
I watched you across the playground
My knight in shining armour
Ofcourse you didn't know who I was
I pulled my hair out of it's ponytail
and applied my new gloss
onto my lips
that needed your kiss.
That's when you saw me for the first time
I saw you smile at me
I had been waiting so long for this..
so long..
I smiled back
The girl behind me ran up to you.
Fool I screamed at myself when I got home
Who would want you
With your frizzy hair
and your great big nose
I went crazy in my room
I threw myself about in pain
All for you
My secret love
My healthy novacaine.
:iconhippy-hunny:hippy-hunny 1 3
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Mature content
The suicide diaries.. :iconhippy-hunny:hippy-hunny 2 7
Sleep baby ..
Continue your sleeping in your dream land
Poor you having to wake up because:
You'll lose your innocence so quickly
You'll learn the worst emotions too soon
The jealously , the hate the anger the sadness..
I love you so much my baby ..
You don't know of the hate in the world yet
You think its only good people int his world..
I wish I could protect you from them
Run away from here please .. please
Get away from the murders and hate
Where can you go though ?? Oh baby..
The whole world is infected with this virus..
This virus of badness ..
Whenever you fall , don't be scared to cry
A REAL man isn't scared of anything
A REAL man is a gentleman doesn't harm others
Remember this baby ... I beg you.
You'll always be my little brother so if..
any harm comes to you I'll blame myself
Pay attention to this cold hard world of misery
Don't be sucked in to it like me .
:iconhippy-hunny:hippy-hunny 2 9
Whenever I have a problem in my love life
I ask you what you think
'cos I know you can always help me
and the same goes for you
Our friendship is there for all to see
when we talk for hours on the phone at night
when we leave the crowd at school
to talk to eachother and leave the others
we'll always be faithful to each other
We have alot of the same friends
so we can discuss their bad points ..
without feeling bad that is.
Julian you really help me through things..
Thankyou for being there for me.
:iconhippy-hunny:hippy-hunny 1 6





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I made a remake of this fantastic photo: "Intresting wait.." ! give me your mail then I'll send it to you cya :)
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Thanx for making 'Take me to another level...' a fave of yours!
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